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Coastal International

Brief introduction of project

Coastal International Center was honor-produced by Coastal Green Garden. The project locates at the intersection point of Dalian Huizhan Road and Xinghe Road, at the north of Xinghai Exhibition Center Phase II. Total planning land of project is 34,000 square meters, total construction area is 370,000 square meters, above-ground construction area is 300,000 square meters, greening rate is 32%, plot ratio is 8.82 ( not including basement), it integrates with five main recombination business activities as high-end international apartment, hotel apartment, super-five start hotel, 5A business and street-block mode fashion shopping .

Service content

l Administration support

l Daily cleaning service

l Disinfection service

l Marble caring

Business activities:high-end residential building

Service time: in 2012